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Hello from New Zealand

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Hello from New Zealand Empty Hello from New Zealand

Message  Steve Conway le Lun 23 Sep - 0:27

Hi my name is Steve, I live in New Zealand although born in the UK of Irish descent.
My primary interests are in Napoleonic uniforms and Wargaming but I also love reading well-written unbiased Napoleonic history and especially enjoy auto-biograhies and memoirs. I have a large collection of 25/28mm figures and many books on the Napoleonic era.

I have always had a passion for painting accurate wargames uniforms for my wargames armies - my primary one being Suchet's army of Valencia - so I spent many years collecting information about different French Line and Light Infantry regiments. About 4 years ago I started collating all the information I had on Revolutionary/Republican/Napoleonic Line and Light Infantry uniforms where they were from identified regiments and started documenting them creating illustrations with the MS software package Paint. I have documented/illustrated several hundred different uniforms but haven't taken the time to count how many. I have used many different sources: books, photographs and websites, including some from a member here - Didier Davin - and many images posted from PINTEREST to this website. Which is how I heard about SEHRI in the first place, I am hoping to find additional information by being a member hear so I can continue to document the uniforms worn by specific regiments of line and light infantry. Attached is one of my illustrations.

Steve Conway
Steve Conway
noviter veniens

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Date d'inscription : 22/08/2019
Age : 64
Localisation : New Zealand

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Hello from New Zealand Empty Re: Hello from New Zealand

Message  Davin Didier le Lun 23 Sep - 5:00

very pleased to welcome you
Davin Didier

Messages : 2398
Date d'inscription : 08/12/2010
Age : 61
Localisation : Marseille

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Hello from New Zealand Empty Re: Hello from New Zealand

Message  Marc Morillon le Lun 30 Sep - 13:48

Wellcome among us Steve

Would it be possible to have an overview of your wargame figures: French and Spanish?
I am also interested by the army of Suchet and would be please to exchange information.
Best regards from South of France
Marc Morillon
Marc Morillon

Messages : 261
Date d'inscription : 04/05/2016
Age : 67
Localisation : Draguignan

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Hello from New Zealand Empty Re: Hello from New Zealand

Message  Jérôme C. le Lun 30 Sep - 17:00

bonjour Steve et bienvenu

Par définition un historien se doit d'éclairer certaines zones d'ombres du passé. Ayant de droit accès à toutes les archives ouvertes, il s'appuie sur ses recherches pour délivrer ses résultats, quitte à briser quelques clichés.

Président de la S.E.H.R.I.
Jérôme C.
Jérôme C.

Messages : 6496
Date d'inscription : 03/05/2010
Age : 48
Localisation : Ain / Vaucluse

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Hello from New Zealand Empty Re: Hello from New Zealand

Message  Contenu sponsorisé

Contenu sponsorisé

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